One of the great drawbacks of the Internet is that you can know too much, whether you want to or not. For instance, I recently learned that Kourtney Kardashian, having delivered her baby, is now back in your face, posing in a new series of bikini photos. It must be a family trait. Before Kourtney's sister Kim became pregnant, Yahoo News let all of us know that Kim posted at least one new bikini photo on the Web every day!

We all know the typical reaction of most guys to news such as this, but how do women react? Are they eating their hearts out, wishing they could look like Kim and/or act like her? Or are they dreading the thought that their male partners will expect them to be another Kim or Kourtney, or Jennifer Aniston, or Britney Spears?

For those who think I'm some kind of prude, the truth is I'm just a guy – the gender that's the target for all the posing by those women and many, many others.

Did you ever wonder why these women do this? There is the lure of power – the ability to make men want them. But the primary reason is money. These women make extremely good money. On her own, Jennifer Lopez wouldn't be caught dead in the Fiat 500 mini-car, but she drove it like a demon on wheels because she got paid big bucks for that TV ad.

The people who run the photos, make the movies and produce the TV programs and ads that feature these women also are into it for power and money. They are the ones who really want the power to control what men think and want, because that's where the really big money is. Sex simply enables them to reach that goal. Yep, sex sells!

My question: What are you buying? And/or buying into?

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